25th October

Concert will begin at 00:30 hours GMT

Met's encore broadcast: Rossini's 'Le Comte Ory' with Damrau, Flrez, DiDonato and Degout from New York

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Rossini's 'Le Comte Ory' is an opéra written in 1828. The French libretto was by Eugène Scribe and Charles-Gaspard Delestre-Poirson adapted from a comedy they had first written in 1817. The lords and men of Formoutiers have been away on a crusade. Count Ory, who is in love with the countess Adèle, takes advantage of the situation. Hoping to win her hand, he disguises himself as a hermit aided by Raimbaud, his friend. Raimbaud announces that a wise hermit will visit the village to offer advice on matters of the heart. The castle is filled with women waiting for their husbands to return from the crusades. Ory's page Isolier is in love with the countess.

Performers: Diana Damrau, Joyce DiDonato, Susanne Resmark, Juan Diego Flórez, Stéphane Degout, and Michele Pertusi.

Metropolitan Opera Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: Maurizio Benini.

Recorded 9 April 2011. Please note: this broadcast begins at 23:30 GMT. While it is being given, Europe changes the time, so there could be some disruptions and links could not be available.

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