9th November

Concert will begin at 17:30 hours GMT

Martinu's 'The Greek Passion' with Spence, Molendowska, Nilon, Lloyd-Roberts and Gadd from Leeds

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Martinu's 'The Greek Passion' is an opera in four acts. The English-language libretto, by the composer, is based on Jonathan Griffin's translation of the novel The Greek Passion (or Christ Recrucified) by Nikos Kazantzakis. The setting is Lykovrissi, a Greek village, where a performance of the Passion Play is scheduled to occur at Easter. As the story proceeds, the villagers cast in the play take on the personalities of their religious characters. Performers:

Manolios: Nicky Spence.
Katerina: Magdalena Molendowska.
Yannakos: Paul Nilon.
Panait: Jeffrey Lloyd-Roberts.
Priest Gregoris: Stephen Gadd.
Priest Fotis: John Savournin.
Kostandis: Richard Mosley-Evans.
Lenio: Lorna James.
Captain: Steven Page.
Archon: Jonathan Best.
Michelis: Alexander Robin Baker.
Nikolio: Alex Banfield.
Schoolmaster: Ivan Sharpe.
Father Ladas: Jeremy Peaker.

Opera North Chorus. Opera North Orchestra. Conductor: Garry Walker.


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Mandatory field
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