13th July

Concert will begin at 19:30 hours GMT

Lopez and Arevalos play ancient Greek music in Ravenna

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Ravenna Festival. Camilla Lopez, voice and percussion, and Matteo Ramon Arevalos, piano, prepared piano and percussion, perform:

Oreste text by Euripides (408 BC).

First Delphic Hymn to Apollo (138 BC).

Mesomedes of Crete (1st century AD): Hymn to Nemesis/ Invocation to Calliope and Apollo; Invocation to the Muse.

Anonymous Bellerman (3rd century AD).

Vienna papyrus G29 825 (3rd century BC).

Zenon Papyrus 59533 (3rd century BC) Hiben Papyrus 231 (3rd century BC).

Epitaph of Sicilo (200 AD).

Second Delphic Hymn (128 BC). Text by Limenios. 

Berlin papyrus 6870 (230 BC).

Mesomedes of Crete: Hymn to the Sun.

Live webcast.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field

Rocca Brancaleone, Ravenna