20th July

Concert will begin at 19:04 hours GMT

Lezhneva, Sinkovsky and La Voce Strumentale perform Telemann, Porpora, Grau, Corelli and more in Eberbach

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Concert from the Rheingau Musik Festival. Julia Lezhneva, soprano, Dmitry Sinkovsky, violin and conductor, and La Voce Strumentale perform:

TELEMANN: Concerto grosso per il Sig.r Pisende in B major TWV 51.

PORPORA: Come nave in mezzo all'onde, Aria from 'Siface'.

GRAUN: Senza di te, mio bene, Aria from 'Coriolano'.

CORELLI: Concerto grosso in B major op. 6 No. 11.

HÄNDEL: Alla sua gabbia d'oro & Brilla nell´alma, from 'Alessandro'.

VIVALDI: Zeffiretti, che sussurrate, Aria from 'Ercole, sul Termodonte'.

GRAUN: No, no, di Libia fra l'arene, Aria from 'Silla'.

VIVALDI: Concerto for violin, strings and b.c. in D minor RV 242.

HÄNDEL: Tu del ciel ministro eletto, from 'Il Trionfo del Tiempo e del Disinganno'.

Live. Please note, this broadcast is free. To listen to it just point on live stream while it is being given and the audio links will be available.

Maier Georg (21/7/2018)
45549 Sprockhvel
War gestern auf dem Konzert. Wrde es gerne nochmals hren
Janis (20/7/2018)
Guten Abend
Svetlana (19/7/2018)
Thank you very much!!!
?????? (19/7/2018)
?????, ???? ?????,?? ??????????!???, ???????!
Maxim (19/7/2018)
Thank you for the invitation, Michael!
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