4th May

Concert will begin at 17:30 hours GMT

Les Vents Franais, the Kodly String Quartet and Le Sage play Mozart in Salzburg

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Les Vents Français and the Kodály String Quartet, and Éric Le Sage, piano, play:


Trio for piano, clarinet and viola in E flat major KV 498, 'Kegelstatt Trio'.

Sonata for bassoon and cello in B flat major KV 292.

Quartet for oboe, violin, viola and cello in F major KV 370.

Quintet for horn, violin, two violas and bass in E flat major KV 407.

Quintet for piano, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon in E flat major KV 542.

Recorded 27 January.

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Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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Salzburg Mozarteum