20th February

Concert will begin at 18:30 hours GMT

Kurtg 95th anniversary concert from Budapest

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Kurtág 95. Renáta Darázs, soprano, Judit Rajk, alto, Csaba Klenyán, clarinet, György Lakatos, bassoon, Miklós Lukács, András Szalai, cimbalom, Sándor Bori, electric guitar,  Gábor Csalog, András Kemenes, Domonkos Váray, piano, and the UMZE Ensemble conducted by Gergely Vajda perform:

JENEY Márta Kurtág's Watermark.

György KURTÁG: Klopstock: Vorrede zu den Epigrammen/ ...ein Brief aus der Ferne an Ursula.../ Games VII/17 - Hommage à Berényi Ferenc 70 (Kelemen Mikes Says)/ János Pilinszky: Gérard de Nerval/ Splinters, Op. 6c - IV. Mesto/ Games III/25 - Hommage à Farkas Ferenc No. 2 (Scraps of a Colinda Melody Faintly Recollected)/ Signs, Games and Messages - Hommage à Elliott Carter/ Games I/7 - Bored/ Games I/15 - Elbows/ Games III/14 - Tumble-bunny/ ...to sleep, - no more..., (Songs to poems by Dezs? Tandori) Op. 50/ AB Games for voice - Exercises and experimental solutions (Two songs to poems by Dezs? Tandori)/ Márta's Ligature.

Stevan KOVACS TICKMAYER: In memoria aeterna (Funeral music in memory of Márta Kurtág).


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