20th July

Concert will begin at 19:00 hours GMT

Korobeinikov plays Chopin and Rachmaninov in Montpellier

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Concert from the Radio France Montpellier Occitanie Festival. Andrei Korobeinikov, piano, plays:

CHOPIN: Three Mazurkas op.24 No. 4/ Ballade No. 1 in G minor op.23/ Ballade No 4 in F minor op.52/ Polonaise in A flat major op.53 'Héroïque'.

RACHMANINOV: Preludes: op.23 No. 6 in E flat major; op. 23 No. 2 in B flat major; op.23 No. 5 in G minor.


Quinten (19/7/2019)
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Opra Berlioz, Montpellier