28th November

Concert will begin at 17:30 hours GMT

Jost's 'Egmont' with Montvidas, Skovhus, Bengtsson and Kirchschlager from Vienna

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Christian Jost's 'Egmont' is an opera in fifteen scenes to a libretto by Christoph Klimke and the composer. The Spanish Netherlands rise up against the rule of Philip II. They are demanding freedom of religion and greater autonomy for their country. Spain’s governor, Philip’s half-sister Margarete of Parma, repeatedly  tries to find compromises. The Dutch nobility hope that she will act as their ally in search for a diplomatic solution. In  particular, Prince Egmont of Gaure is one of those wishing to negotiate a satisfactory  and fair peace with her help. 

Performers: Edgaras Montvidas: Count Egmont, Prince of Gaure. Bo Skovhus: Herzog Alba. Maria Bengtsson: Clara. Angelika Kirchschlager: Margarete of Parma. Theresa Kronthaler: Ferdinand, Albas Sohn. Károly Szemerédy: Macchiavell.

Arnold Schoenberg Chor. ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Michael Boder.

Recorded 17 February.

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