25th September

Concert will begin at 19:00 hours GMT

Janácek's 'Katya Kabanova' with Vykopalová, Vigilius, Zampieri and Urbanová from Brno

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Janácek's 'Katya Kabanova' is an opera in three acts to a libretto by Vincenc Cervinka, based on The Storm, a play by Alexander Ostrovsky. Vána Kudrjás admires the view of the Volga River, which amuses the more literal-minded housekeeper of the adjoining Kabanov estate. Two men approach, Dikoj and his nephew, Boris Grigorjevic, where Dikoj is berating Boris. Dikoj learns that Kabanicha, the Kabanov family matriarch, is not at home. Dikoj leaves, and Boris explains to Vána Kudrjás why he tolerates the abuse: his parents are dead, and to be able collect his inheritance, he must respect his uncle no matter what his uncle says to him.

Performers: Pavla Vykopalová: Kátya. Magnus Vigilius: Boris. Gianluca Zampieri: Tichon. Eva Urbanová: Kabanicha. Lenka Schallenbererová: Varvara. Jirí Sulzenko: Dikoj. Jaroslav Brezina: Kundrjáš.

Brno National Theater Janácek Opera Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: Ondrej Olos.

Recorded 11 November 2018.

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Janácek Theater, Brno