17th March

Concert will begin at 11:00 hours GMT

Henze's 'L'Upupa und der Triumph der Sohnesliebe' from Amsterdam

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Henze's 'L'Upupa und der Triumph der Sohnesliebe' (English: The Hoopoe and the Triumph of Filial Love) is an opera with a German libretto by the composer, inspired by Arab and Persian legends. This is Henze's 15th, and self-stated final, opera, and the first where he has written his own libretto. The opera was first performed at the Salzburg Festival on 12 August 2003 in a co-production with the Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Teatro Real, Madrid, staged by Dieter Dorn, set by Jürgen Rose.

Performers: Edith Haller, Martin Busenbas, Katharine Goeldner, John Mark Ainsley, Wolfgang Schönebas, Detlef Roth, Ashley Holland, Maarten Engeltjes. Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor: Markus Stenz.

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