28th November

Concert will begin at 17:04 hours GMT

Haydn's 'L'isola Disabitata' with Fritsch, Im, Adam and Morsch from Berlin

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Haydn's 'L'isola Disabitata' is an opera on a libretto by Metastasio, the only one by that author Haydn set, previously set by Giuseppe Bonno. Using the crudest of tools, Costanza is on the verge of completing an inscription on a rock next to her cave: 'Abandoned by the traitor Gernando, Constanza finished her days on these strange shores. Friendly traveler, unless you be a tiger, either avenge or pity…' Performers:

Costanza: Anett Fritsch.
Silvia: Sunhae Im.
Gernando: Krystian Adam.
Enrico: André Morsch.

Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin. Conductor: Bernhard Forck.


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Jesus-Christus-Kirche, Berlin