16th June

Concert will begin at 18:04 hours GMT

Händel's 'Susanna' with Bevan, Entiknap, Soar, Walker and Platt from Halle

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Concert from the Händel Festival. Händel's 'Susanna' is an oratorio. The libretto had been questionably attributed to Newburgh Hamilton but is now thought to have been penned by the poet/playwright Moses Mendes. The story is based on that of Susanna in chapter 13 of the Book of Daniel in the Bible. The thirteenth chapter of the book of Daniel, considered apocryphal in Protestant tradition, tells how, during the captivity of the Jews in Babylon, a virtuous young woman was falsely accused of sexual promiscuity by two elders of the community who lusted after her themselves. The prophet Daniel exposed the two elders as liars and vindicated Susanna.

Performers: Mary Bevan, mezzo-soprano, Rupert Entiknap, countertenor, David Soar, bass,
Thomas Walker, tenor, James Platt, bass.

MDR Radio Choir. Kammerorchester Basel. Conductor: Paul McCreesh.

Recorded 14 June.

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