20th January

Concert will begin at 19:00 hours GMT

Händel's 'Rodelinda' with Puértolas, Adam and Amereau from Lyon

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Händel's 'Rodelinda' is an opera seria in three acts. The libretto is by Nicola Francesco Haym, and was based on an earlier libretto by Antonio Salvi set by Giacomo Antonio Perti in 1710. Grimoaldo has defeated Bertarido in battle and usurped his throne. Bertarido has fled, and it is believed that he has died in exile, but he sends word to his friend Unulfo that he is alive and in hiding near the palace. Grimoaldo is betrothed to Bertarido's sister Eduige, and though she loves him and he returns her affection, at least at first, she keeps putting off the wedding. Rodelinda and her son, Flavio, are being kept in the palace by Grimoaldo, who has fallen in love with her. Performers:

Rodelinda: Sabina Puértolas.
Grimoaldo: Krystian Adam.
Eduige: Avery Amereau.
Unulfo: Christopher Ainslie.
Bertarido: Lawrence Zazzo.
Garibaldo: Jean-Sébastien Bou.
Flavio: Fabián Augusto Gómez Bohórquez.

Opéra de Lyon Orchestra. Conductor: Stefano Montanari.

Recorded December 2018.

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