26th September

Concert will begin at 14:30 hours GMT

Hndel's 'Partenope' with Leite, Cutting, Migulez, Lawrence, Charlston and Walendzik from Bucharest

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George Enescu International Festival. Händel's 'Partenope' is an opera by George Frideric Handel, first performed at the King's Theatre in London on 24 February 1730. The work is humorous in character and light-textured in music, with a plot involving romantic complications and gender confusion. In the first scene we see Queen Partenope, founder of Naples, in her throne room adorned with a statue of Apollo, entertaining her guests, among them handsome and dashing Prince Arsace of Corinth, suitor for her hand, and the rather shy and lacking in confidence Prince Armindo of Rhodes, who is also in love with Partenope but cannot bring himself to tell her so.

Performers: Ana Vieira Leite, soprano, Hugh Cutting, countertenor, Alberto Miguélez Rouco, countertenor, Jacob Lawrence, tenor, Helen Charlston, mezzo-soprano, Matthieu Walendzik, bass.

Les Arts Florissants. Conductor: William Christie.


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