14th May

Concert will begin at 17:00 hours GMT

Händel's 'Belshazzar' with Sancho, De Bique, Nesi, Pe and MacLeod from Göttingen

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Göttingen International Händel Festival. Händel's 'Belshazzar' is an oratorio. The libretto was by Charles Jennens, and Händel abridged it considerably. Jennens' libretto was based on the Biblical account of the fall of Babylon at the hands of Cyrus the Great and the subsequent freeing of the Jewish nation, as found in the Book of Daniel. Performers:

Belshazzar: Juan Sancho.
Nitocris: Jeanine De Bique.
Cyrus: Mary-Ellen Nesi.
Daniel: Raffaele Pe.
Gobrias: Stephan MacLeod.

NDR Vocal Ensemble. Concerto Köln. Conductor: Václav Luks.


Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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St. Johannis-Kirche, Göttingen