20th July

Concert will begin at 12:00 hours GMT

Gondwana World Choral Festival from Sydney: Leek, Smith, Lang, Moody, Tormis and more

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Gondwana World Choral Festival. Jamie Cock, piano, and the Young Adelaide Voices and the Estonian Television Girls’ Choir directed by Christie Anderson and Aarne Saluveer perform:

Trad.Narungga/ Schultz: Gurdi (Quandongs).

LEEK: Kondalilla.

SMITH: Ave Maris Stella.

Trad arr. McCall: Waltzing Matilda.

LANG: where r u? from Sorry I missed you (text message fails).

MOODY arr. Crossin: One Voice.

UUSBERG: Ave Maria.

TORMIS: Laulusild (Bridge of Song).

PÄRT: Peace upon you, Jerusalem.

TORMIS: Kiigelaulud (Swing-songs): Kitsas Kiik (Narrow Swing), Kiigel Kartlika (A timid girl on the swing), Õunapuu (An apple tree).

EHALA: Vaid see on armastus (Only this is love).

TORMIS: Pärismaalase Lauluke Veljo (Traditional song).

Recorded 19 July.

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Mandatory field
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