16th June

Concert will begin at 19:04 hours GMT

Gluck's 'La clemenza di Tito' with Trost, Aikin, Milanesi and Ezenarro from Leverkusen

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Gluck's 'La clemenza di Tito' is a dramma per musica in three acts. The Italian-language libretto is by Pietro Metastasio. Vitellia, the daughter of deposed Emperor Vitellius, covets the throne of Titus, the son of recently deceased Emperor Vespasian who deposed Vitellia’s father. Vitellia is jealous of Berenice, the Judean princess whom Titus has chosen for a wife, and implores Sextus to assassinate Titus in revenge. Sextus is a close friend to Titus but is also madly in love with Vitellia. Annius, a friend of Sextus and Titus, arrives and announces that Titus has sent Berenice away from Rome. Vitellia’s hopes rise and she calls off the assassination plot. Performers:

Tito Flavio Vespasiano: Rainer Trost.
Vitellia: Laura Aikin.
Sesto: Raffaela Milanesi.
Servilia: Arantza Ezenarro.
Annio: Valer Sabadus.
Publio: Flavio Ferri Benedetti.

L'arte del mondo. Conductor: Werner Ehrhardt.

Recorded 3 November 2013.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field

Bayer Kulturhaus, Leverkusen