19th May

Concert will begin at 23:25 hours GMT

Glass' 'Akhnaten' with Constanzo, Larusdottir, Chaieb and Blake from New York

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Glass' 'Akhnaten' is an opera in three acts based on the life and religious convictions of the pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV). The text, taken from original sources, is sung in the original languages, linked together with the commentary of a narrator in a modern language, such as English or German. Egyptian texts of the period are taken from a poem of Akhenaten himself, from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and from extracts of decrees and letters from the Amarna period, the seventeen-year period of Akhenaten's rule.

Performers: Queen Tye: Dísella Larusdottir. Nefertiti: Rihab Chaieb. Akhnaten: Anthony Roth Costanzo. Hight Priest of Amon: Aaron Blake. Horemhab: Will Liverman. Aye: Richard Bernstein. Amenhotep III: Zachary James.

Metropolitan Opera Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: Karen Kamensek.


Glass' 'Akhnaten'

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