9th November

Concert will begin at 18:00 hours GMT

Foroni's 'Cristina, regina di Svezia' with Dix and Stout from Wexford

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Foroni's 'Cristina, regina di Svezia' is an opera in five parts and three acts to an Italian libretto by Giovanni Carlo Casanova, which is loosely based on the events surrounding the abdication of Christina, Queen of Sweden in 1654. Performers:

Cristina Regina di Svezia: Helena Dix.
Maria Euphrosina, Gabriele's love: Lucia Cirillo.
Axel Oxenstjerna, Chancellor: David Stout.
Erik, his son: Patrick Hyland.
Gabriele: John Bellemer.
Carl Gustav, successor to the throne: Igor Golovatenko.
Johan, his son: Daniel Szeili.
Arnold Messenius: Thomas Faulkner.

Wexford Opera House Orchestra and Choir. Conductor: Andrew Greenwood.

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