27th November

Concert will begin at 11:04 hours GMT

Dvork's 'Mass in D major' and Fiala sound in Brno

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Martin Jakubícek, organ, and the Czech Philharmonic Choir conducted by Petr Fiala perform:

DVORÁK: Mass in D major, Op. 86 for mixed choir and organ.


Petr FIALA: Fragments for two pianos. Miriam Zuziaková, Renata Bialasová/ Flower and wind. Cycle for soprano and accordion. Zuzana Koprivová, Jirí Lukeš/ Contrasts for viola, cello and accordion. Kristina Fialová, Petr Nouzovský Ladislav Horák.

Recorded in 2018.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Vltava Vltava

Besedn House, Brno