27th November

Concert will begin at 19:30 hours GMT

Dusapin's 'Penthesilea' with Loetzsch, Nigl, Montalvo, Gay and Frenkel from Paris

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Pascal Dusapin's 'Penthesilea' is an opera with a prologue, eleven scenes and epilogue to a libretto by Beate Haeckl and the composer after Heinrich von Kleist. It tells the story of Penthesilea, Queen of the Amazons, and the hero Achilles is hoisted by Kleist to horrific heights, with the queen devouring her lover after slaying him. Performers:

Georg Nigl: Achilles.
Christel Loetzsch: Penthesilea.
Marisol Montalvo: Prothoe.
Paul Gay: Odyssus.
Noa Frenkel: Oberpriesterin.

Accentus Chamber Choir. Orchestre de Paris. Conductor: Ariane Matiakh.

Live webcast.

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