27th June

Concert will begin at 17:00 hours GMT

Donizetti's 'Lucia di Lammermoor' with Lungu, Beczala, Milne and Müller from Zurich

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Donizetti's 'Lucia di Lammermoor' is a dramma tragico (tragic opera) in three acts. Salvadore Cammarano wrote the Italian language libretto loosely based upon Sir Walter Scott's historical novel The Bride of Lammermoor. The story concerns the emotionally fragile Lucy Ashton (Lucia) who is caught in a feud between her own family and that of the Ravenswoods. The setting is the Lammermuir Hills of Scotland (Lammermoor) in the 17th century. Performers:

Iain Milne: Normanno.
Roswitha Christina Müller: Alisa.
Oleg Tsibulko: Raimondo Bidebent.
Andrew Owens: Lord Arturo Bucklaw.
Piotr Beczala: Edgardo di Ravenswood.
Irina Lungu: Lucia.
Massimo Cavalletti: Enrico Ashton.

Zürich Opernhaus Choir and Orchestra. Conductor: Speranza Scappucci.

Recorded. Not available in some countries.

The Opera Addict (27/6/2021)
This will not play in the USA. :-(
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