15th April

Concert will begin at 03:00 hours GMT

Chamber music from Mount Barker: Edwards, Meale and Weir

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Adelaide Festival: Incredible Floridas 6. Geoffrey Collins, flute, John Gaden, poetry, Jason Noble, clarinet, Claire Edwardes, percussion, Jacob Abela, piano, James Wannan, violin and viola, Blair Harris, cello, and the Australian String Quartet conducted by Jack Symonds perform:

EDWARDS: Laikan.

Richard MEALE: Melisande.

EDWARDS: String Quartet No. 3 'Summer Dances'.

Judith WEIR: Incredible Floridas.

RIMBAUD: The Drunken Boat (Le bateau ivre).

MEALE: Incredible Floridas.

Recorded live by ABC Classic at UKARIA 7/3/21

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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UKARIA Cultural Centre