19th March

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Cesti's 'Orontea' with Dowsley, Abernethy, Troncoso, Kelly and Greco from Sydney

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Antonio Cesti's 'Orontea' is an opera in a prologue and three acts ¡with a libretto by Giacinto Andrea Cicognini (revised by Giovanni Filippo Apolloni). Philosophy and Love argue which of them has more power over mankind. Queen Orontea renounces love, even though her chief adviser Creonte urges her to marry for the good of the kingdom. The young painter Alidoro arrives at the court seeking refuge from brigands with his presumed mother Aristea. He explains how he had to flee from the court of Queen Arnea of Phoenicia. In spite of vow, Orontea finds herself falling in love with Alidoro, as does the courtesan Silandra. Performers:

Anna Dowsley: Orontea, Queen of Egypt.
Jonathan Abernethy: Alidoro, a refugee painter.
Sofia Troncoso: Filsofia/Silandra, a lady of Orontea’s court.
Douglas Kelly: Corindo, Silandra’s lover.
David Greco: Creonte, the Royal Tutor.
Dominica Matthews: Aristea, Alidoro’s mother.
Roberta Diamond: Amore/Giacinta, a member of Orontea’s court disguised as Ismero.
Louis Hurley: Tibrino, a page at Orontea’s court.
Andrew O’Connor: Gelone, Orontea’s butler.

Erin Helyard, conductor, harpsichord and chamber organ. Orchestra of the Antipodes
Pinchgut Opera.

Recorded 29 May 2022.

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Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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City Recital Hall- Sydney