14th June

Concert will begin at 17:35 hours GMT

Castello, Sammartini, Debussy, Blavet, Bach, Yun and Vivaldi sound in Budapest

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Lucie Horsch, flute, Alekszandra Nyepomnjascsaja, harpsichord, and tne Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra concerts conducted by G. László Horváth perform:

CASTELLO: Sonata No. 2.

SAMMARTINI: Flute Concerto in F major.

DEBUSSY: Syrinx.

BLAVET: Flute Concerto in A minor.

BACH: Sonata in E major for flute and basso continuo, BWV 1035/ Oboe Concerto in D minor BWV. 1059R.

YUN: The Actor With the Monkey.

VIVALDI: Recorded Concerto in C major RV. 444.


Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Bartk Rdi Bartk Rdi

Hungarian National Museum, Budapest