12th February

Concert will begin at 17:55 hours GMT

Casablancas' 'L'enigma di Lea' world premiere with Cook, López, Sabata, de Munck and Bou from Barcelona

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Casablancas' 'L'enigma di Lea' is an opera in three parts to a text by by Rafael Argullol. Lea, a creature who has belonged to God and exists to serve the divine pleasure (“pure instinct, crystalline sensuality”), lives in a place beyond time and cannot reveal her secret. The bearer of immortality, she is under surveillance from two monstrous beings who guarantee morality in opposition to individual freedom. World premiere. Performers:

Lea: Allison Cook.
Ram: José Antonio López.   
First lady of the border: Sara Blanch.   
Second lady of the border: Anaïs Masllorens.   
Third lady of the border: Marta Infante.   
Millebocche: Sonia de Munck.   
Milleocchi: Felipe Bou.   
Dr. Schicksal: Xavier Sabata.   
Michele: David Alegret.   
Lorenzo: Antonio Lozano.  
Augusto: Juan Noval-Moro.

Gran Teatre del Liceu Choir and Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Josep Pons.


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