16th September

Concert will begin at 18:30 hours GMT

Cardonne's 'Omphale' with Santon Jeffery, Van Wanroij, Van Mechelen, Boutillier and Amzal from Budapest

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Jean-Baptiste Cardonne's 'Omphale' is an opera in the form of a tragédie en musique in five acts. The libretto, by Antoine Houdar de La Motte, was originally set by André Cardinal Destouches in 1701. The work treats the love story between two famous figures from Greek mythology: Omphale, the queen of Lydia, and Heracles, the son of Zeus and Alcmene. Performers:

Omphale: Chantal Santon Jeffery.
Argine: Judith Van Wanroij.
Iphis: Reinoud Van Mechelen.
Alcide: Jérôme Boutillier.
Une Bergère / une Thébaine / Céphise: Jehanne Amzal.

Purcell Choir. Orfeo Orchestra. Conductor: György Vashegyi.


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Mandatory field
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Bla Bartk National Concert Hall