8th May

Concert will begin at 17:00 hours GMT

Britten's 'Peter Grimes' with Clayton, Bengtsson, Purves and Wyn-Rogers from Madrid

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Britten's 'Peter Grimes' is an opera with a libretto adapted by Montagu Slater from the narrative poem, 'Peter Grimes,' in George Crabbe's book The Borough. The 'borough' of the opera is a fictional village which shares some similarities with Crabbe's, and later Britten's, own home of Aldeburgh, a town on England's east coast.

Performers: Peter Grimes: Allan Clayton. Ellen Orford: Maria Bengtsson. Cap. Balstrode: Christopher Purves. Auntie: Catherine Wyn-Rogers. Bob Boles: John Graham Hall. Swallow: Clive Bayley. Mrs. Sedley: Rosie Aldridge. Rev. Horace Adams: James Gilchrist. Ned Keene:  Jacques Imbrailo. Hobson: Barnaby Rea. First nephew: Rocío Pérez. Second nephew: Natalia Labourdette.

Madrid Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Ivor Bolton.

Recorded 24 April.

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