17th September

Concert will begin at 19:00 hours GMT

Britten's 'Death in Venice' with Klink, Nigl, Towers, Fernndez Paix et al from Stuttgart

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Britten's 'Death in Venice' is an opera in two acts based on the novella Death in Venice by Thomas Mann. Myfanwy Piper wrote the English libretto. Aschenbach, a famous German novelist, is weary and opens the opera bemoaning the fading of his artistic inspiration. As he walks through the suburbs of Munich, he stops before the entrance to a cemetery. He catches sight of a traveller ('from beyond the Alps by his looks') and, musing on the strange and exotic nature of foreign lands, is impulsively moved to travel south in the hope of refreshing his artistic imagination. Performers:

Gustav von Aschenbach: Matthias Klink.
Traveller/ Elderly fop/ Old gondolier/ Hotel manager/
Hotel barber/ Leader of the players/ Voice of Dionysus: Georg Nigl.
Voice of Apollo: William Towers.
Apollo: Martí Fernández Paixá.
Hotel waiter: Daniel Kluge.
Boatman: Tommaso Hahn.
Hotel waiter, Restaurant waiter: Dominic Große.
Strawberry seller, street singer: Lauryna Bendziunaite.
Glassmaker, street singer: Kai Kluge.
English employee at travel agency: Ronan Collett.
Guide: Patraic Rowan.
Beggar: Idunnu Münch.
Lace seller: Catriona Smith.
Newspaper seller: Cristina Otey.
French girl: Elena Müller.

Staatsopernchor Stuttgart. Staatsorchester Stuttgart. Conductor: Kirill Karabits.


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