12th July

Concert will begin at 16:00 hours GMT

Britten's 'Billy Budd' with Imbrailo, Ainsley, Jeffrey and Moore from Glyndebourne

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Glyndebourne Opera Festival. Britten's 'Billy Budd' is an opera to a libretto by the English novelist E. M. Forster and Eric Crozier, based on the short novel Billy Budd by Herman Melville. Captain Edward Fairfax Vere, an old man, reflects on his life and his time in the navy. He reflects on the conflict between good and evil, he is tormented by guilt over the case of Billy Budd on board his ship, HMS Indomitable, some years earlier.

 Performers: Captain Vere: John Mark Ainsley. Lieutenant Ratcliffe: Darren Jeffery. First Mate: Michael Wallace. Claggart, Master-at-Arms: Phillip Ens. Second Mate: John-Owen Miley-Read. Red Whiskers: Alasdair Elliott. Mr Flint, Sailing Master: Matthew Rose. Arthur Jones: Toby Girling. Bosun: Richard Mosley-Evans. Billy Budd: Jacques Imbrailo. Donald: John Moore. Novice’s Friend: Alexander Robin Baker. Maintop: Peter Gijsbertsen. Dansker: Jeremy White. Novice: Ben Johnson. Cabin Boy: Sam Honywood. Squeak, a ship’s corporal: Colin Judson. Mr Redburn, First Lieutenant: Iain Paterson. Midshipmen: Freddie Benedict, Alastair Dixon, Adam Lord, Pascal Tohouri, Joseph Wakeling.

The Glyndebourne Chorus. London Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor: Mark Elder.

Recorded in 2010. Webcast.

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