31st October

Concert will begin at 17:00 hours GMT

Braunfels 'Die Vgel' with Koch, Papendell, Wettergreen and Pogorelc from Munich

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Braunfels 'Die Vögel' (The Birds), Op. 30 is an opera in a prologue and two acts to a libretto by the composer, a free adaptation of Aristophanes' comedy The Birds which was performed at the Dionysos Theatre in Athens in 414 BC. The Nightingale welcomes the audience to the realm of the birds, extolling its utopian virtues. Nevertheless, she confesses to an unfulfilled longing within her own soul. Performers:

Prometheus: Wolfgang Koch.
Hoopoe, one day a human, now king of the birds: Günter Papendell.
Nightingale: Caroline Wettergreen.
Fence panties: Emily Pogorelc.
1st throttle: Yajie Zhang.
2nd throttle: Eliza Boom.
Adler: Bálint Szabó.
Raven: Theodore Platt.
Flamingo: George Vîrban.
Hope good: Charles Workman.
Advice friend: Michael Nagy.

Bavarian State Opera Choir. Bavarian State Orchestra. Conductor: Ingo Metzmacher.

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Mandatory field
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Bavarian State Opera- Munich National Theatre