17th August

Concert will begin at 00:30 hours GMT

Bernstein's 'Candide' with Phan, Christy and von Stade from Tanglewood

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Concert from the Tanglewood Festival. Bernstein's 'Candide' is an operetta based on the novella of the same name by Voltaire. The operetta was first performed in 1956 with a libretto by Lillian Hellman; but since 1974 it has been generally performed with a book by Hugh Wheeler which is more faithful to Voltaire's novel. In the country of Westphalia, Candide is about to be married to the lovely Cunegonde. Dr. Pangloss, Candide's teacher expounds his famous philosophy, to the effect that all is for the best. Performers:

Nicholas Phan: Candide.
Anna Christy: Cunegonde.
Kathryn Leemhuis: Paquette.
Frederica von Stade: Old Lady.
Beau Gibson: Governor, Vanderdendur, Ragotski.
Paul LaRosa: Maximilian, Captain.
Richard Suart: Voltaire, Pangloss, Martin, Cacambo.
Matthew Worth: Bear-keeper/Inquisitor III/Judge/Tsar Ivan.

Tanglewood Festival Chorus. TMC Vocal Soloists. Boston Symphony Orchestra. Conductor:
Bramwell Tovey.

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Mandatory field
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Koussevitzky Music Shed, Lenox