25th November

Concert will begin at 19:15 hours GMT

Benoit's 'The War' with Baerts, van de Sant, van Aken, Everink, Dekeyser, Terray & Thirion from Utrecht

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Peter Benoit's 'De oorlog' (The War) is an oratorio in three parts which gives voices to spirits of light and darkness - symbols of good and evil in man -, the cynical mocking spirit and the earth spirits who, as a shadow of the gnomes from romantic fairy tale literature, have the most important narrative role. 'Man' emerges in his role as soldier, worker or the woman. And there are allegorical figures such as 'violence' and 'death'. Benoit sketches paradise that loses its luster through human action. In all his pride and lust for power, man begins a terrible battle against his fellow human beings.

Performers: Katrien Baerts, soprano, Cécile van de Sant, mezzo-soprano, Frank van Aken, tenor, Bastiaan Everink, baritone, Charles Dekeyser, bass, Lars Terray, baritone, Ivan Thirion, baritone.

Waelrant Children's Choir. Octopus Symphonic Choir. Laurens Collegium. Netherlands Radio Choir. Antwerp Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Jac van Steen.


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Mandatory field
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