19th April

Concert will begin at 18:30 hours GMT

Bach's 'St Matthew Passion' with Stokloa, Martinik, Cafourkov, Langner, Ciek et al from Vienna

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Bach's 'St Matthew Passion' is a sacred oratorio written in 1727 for solo voices, double choir and double orchestra, with libretto by Picander (Christian Friedrich Henrici). It sets chapters 26 and 27 of the Gospel of Matthew (in the German translation of Martin Luther) to music.

Performers: Eric Stokloßa, tenor (Evangelist), Jan Martinik, bass (Jesus), Lenka Cafourková, Céline Scheen, sopranos, Sophie Harmsen, Susanne Langner, altos, Krystian Adam, Václav Cíek, tenors, Hugo Oliveira, Tomáš Král, basses.

Collegium 1704, Collegium Vocale 1704. Conductor: Václav Luks.

Recorded 7 April.

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