17th April

Concert will begin at 18:00 hours GMT

Bach's 'St John Passion' with Van Mechelen, Rosen, de Negri, Richardot, Gregory & Dolcini from Gdansk

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Concert from the Actus Humanus Festival. Bach's 'St John Passion' is a sacred oratorio. The original Latin title 'Passio secundum Johannem' translates to 'The Suffering According to John' and is rendered in English also as St. John Passion and in German as Johannespassion. During the first winter that Bach was responsible for church music at the St. Thomas Church and the St. Nicholas Church in Leipzig, he composed the St John Passion for the Good Friday Vespers service of 1724.

Performers: Reinoud Van Mechelen, tenor (Evangelist), Alex Rosen, bass (Christus), Emmanuelle de Negri, soprano, Lucile Richardot, mezzo-sopran, Anthony Gregory, tenor, Renato Dolcini, baritone.

Les Arts Florissants. Conductor: William Christie.


Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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St. John's Centre, Gdansk