25th June

Concert will begin at 18:30 hours GMT

Bach, Johnson, Cage, Eno and a Fiumara's world premiere from Dordrecht

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Bachfestival Dordrecht. Claron MacFadden, sopraan, the KLANG Ensemble and B'Rock perform:

J.S. BACH: 3 Preludes (arr. Joey Marijs).

Tom JOHNSON: 3 Rational Melodies (No. XV, X, VI).

J.S. BACH: Cantata Ich bin vergnügt in meinem Glücke BWV.84.

CAGE: Aria.

Brian ENO: Deep Blue Day (van Apollo).

Anthony FIUMARA: One Thousand Roads- Travel, world premiere.


Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
NPO Radio 4 NPO Radio 4

Outdoor stage Energy Square, Dordrecht