29th August

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Archival recording: Strauss' 'Elektra' with Zschau, Gruber, Nadler and Short from Seattle

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Strauss' 'Elektra' is a one-act opera, to a German-language libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, which he adapted from his 1903 drama Elektra. Despite being based on ancient Greek mythology, the opera is highly modernist and expressionist. Hofmannsthal and Strauss's adaptation of the story focuses tightly on Elektra, thoroughly developing her character by single-mindedly expressing her emotions and psychology as she meets with other characters, mostly one at a time. The other characters are Klytaemnestra, her mother and one of the murderers of her father Agamemnon; her sister, Chrysothemis; her brother, Orestes; and Klytaemnestra's lover, Aegisthus. Performers:

Elektra: Marilyn Zschau.
Chrysothemis: Andrea Gruber.
Klytämnestra: Sheila Nadler.
The Confidante: Patricia Berg.
The Trainbearer: Dana Johnson.
A young servant: Stephen Wall.
An old servant: Archie Drake.
Orest: Kevin Short.
The Guardian of Orest: Byron Ellis.
Aegisth: Barry Busse.

Seattle Opera Orchestra. Conductor: Gerard Schwarz.

Recorded 23 March 1996.

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