30th October

Concert will begin at 13:00 hours GMT

Archival recording: Jancek's 'The Adventures of Mr. Broucek' with Vacik, Straka, Haan and Janal from London

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Janácek's 'The Adventures of Mr. Broucek' is an opera based on two Svatopluk Cech novels. The librettists for Part 1 were František Gellner, Viktor Dyk, František Sarafínský Procházka and others, while Part 2 was written by F. S. Procházka. Mr. Brou?ek (translated as “Mr. Beetle” (literally little beetle)) is a Philistine landlord in Prague who experiences a series of fantastic events as he is swept away (due in large part to excessive drinking) first to the moon and then to 15th-century Prague, during the Hussite uprising against the Holy Roman Empire in 1420 (see Synopsis). In both excursions, Broucek encounters characters who are transformed versions of his earthly acquaintances. Performers:

Jan Vacik: Mr Broucek.
Peter Straka: Mazal/Ethereal/Kunka.
Maria Haan: Malinka/Etherea/Kunka.
Roman Janal: Sacristan, Lunobor, Domsik.
Zdenek Plech: Wurfl/Caroskvouci/Councillor.
Ivan Kusnjer: The apparition of Svatopluk/Second Taborite.
Lenka Smidova: Housekeeper/Kedruta.
Martina Bauerova: Young Waiter/Child Prodigy/Student.
Jaroslav Brezina: Painter/Duhoslav/Vojta from the Peacocks/Voice of the Professor.
Ales Briscein: Composer/Harfoboboj/Miroslav the goldsmith.
Vaclav Sibera: Poet [Prague]/Oblacny/Vacek Bradaty.
Edward Goater: Poet.
Christopher Bowen: Another Poet.
Charles Gibbs: First Taborite.

BBC Singers. BBC Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Jiri Belohlávek.

Recorded in 2007.

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