8th August

Concert will begin at 17:04 hours GMT

Archival recording: Haydn's 'Orlando Paladino' with Reijans, Bonde-Hansen and Tarver from Amsterdam

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Haydn's 'Orlando Paladino' is an opera in three acts. The libretto by Nunziano Porta is based on another libretto, Le pazzie d'Orlando, by Carlo Francesco Badini itself inspired by Ariosto's epic poem Orlando furioso.  The shepherdess Eurilla and her father Licone are alarmed by the appearance of a threatening knight, searching for Angelica and Medoro. Eurilla tells him of their love and that they have taken refuge in the nearby castle. The knight reveals himself as Rodomonte, King of Barbary, infatuated with Angelica and intent on protecting her from Orlando’s jealousy.

Performers: Marcel Reijans, Henriette Bonde-Hansen, Kenneth Tarver, Peter Gijsbertsen, Pietro Spagnoli, Laura Cherici, Elena Monti, Nicolai Borchev, Martijn Cornet.

Netherlands Radio Chamber Philhamonic. Conductor: Andrea Marcon.

Recorded 21 March 2009.

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