19th April

Concert will begin at 12:00 hours GMT

A Brief History of Time from Mount Barker: Stories for Ocean Shells

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A Brief History of Time - 4. Stories for Ocean Shells. Marshall McGuire, harp, Neal Peres Da Costa, harpsichord, Genevieve Lacey, recorder, Thomas Gould, violin, Kirsty McCahon, double bass, Daniel Yeadon, cello, Caroline Henbest, viola, and Brendan Joyce, violin, play:

MOORE: Whoever You Are Come Forth.

PURCELL: Fantasia Number 5 in 4 parts.

MOORE: Stories from Ocean Shells.

COUPERIN: Prélude non mesurée in A minor/ Prélude non mesurée in F major.

MOORE: House of Shards and Shadows/ Prayer.

FERRABOSCO: Fantasia No. 2/ Fantasia No. 5.

MOORE: Letter One/ Broken Rosary.

PURCELL: Fantasia Upon One Note.

MOORE: Synaesthesia Suite.

Recorded 9 March.

Mandatory field
Mandatory field
Mandatory field
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UKARIA Cultural Centre, Mount Barker