Bavarian State Opera- Munich National Theatre

The artistic and political trends in the first quarter of the 19th century were determined by Max IV Joseph, who ruled from 1799 on as Elector, then, following the elevation of Bavaria to the status of kingdom, from 1806 to 1825 as King Max I. In 1802, the old 'Haberkasten' on Salvatorplatz was torn down. The 'Hof-National-Schaubühne' ('Court-National Theatrical Stage') moved into the Cuvilliés Theatre becoming the 'Churfürstliches Hoftheater' ('Electoral Court Theatre'). One of the last decisive acts of Bavaria's King Max was the laying of the cornerstone for the Royal Court and National Theatre on Marstallplatz in 1811. This house, built to plans by Carl von Fischer, burned down on January 14, 1823, but thanks to the willingness of the Munich citizenry to make sacrifices, it was restored under the direction of architect Leo von Klenze and was able to reopen its doors only two years later.

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